According to developer Ninja Theory, its latest title Hellblade is an “independent AAA”. This an action game developed and published entirely by the same folk that brought you Heavenly Sword in 2007, Enslaved in 2010 and DMC in 2012.

Posting on the Playstation Blog, Communications Manager at Ninja Theory Dominic Matthews tells us the aim of Hellblade is to make everything you loved about those games – be it the action or story and deep characters – and take it to the next level.

We already know what Ninja Theory can do, and we have to admit our fragile hearts skipped a beat in the first seconds of the trailer, but the game is still very early in the development process.

Matthews explains that developing and publishing in-house  gives them the benefit of making the game the way they want to make, without outside influences. It sounds like a good idea, but we know the high cost of developing games, and so we can just hope for a problems free development.

The short trailer did just enough to pique our interest, and we want to know more about the whole Celtic myth angle and Senua, the heroine. Also, what the hell is up with that chocking hanged corpse?!

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