The Stomping Land, the Kickstarter-backed survival MMO with dinosaurs, has been silent for some time now with nary an update for the last two months.

Developer SuperCrit has last updated the game’s Facebook page on May 30, calling fans to join in on a Reddit AMA. May 30 is also the date of the final Kickstarter update. The game, currently in Early Access on Steam, has received its first (and last) big content update on, you guessed it, May 30.

Since that fateful date, the developer has ceased almost all communication with its fans and supporters, except for the occasional tweet. The Stomping Land’s Twitter account has be quite since June 21.

Many of the game’s backers on Kickstarter are understandably angry and confused. Some have even gone as far as to created a petition calling for the removal of The Stomping Land from Steam and a full refund to all backers. Right now the petition has nearly 2,000 signatures.

Kotaku points out that the long silence might be a result of PR rep Lee Fisk leaving the studio after his contract expired at the end of May. Lead developer Alex Fundora, also known as Jig, has posted a tweet on June 17, attributing the lack of information to “personal matters” he had to attend to.

Whichever the case, SuperCrit has seemingly abandoned The Stomping Land for now. Hopefully the studio will pick up development soon and will once again start communicating with its supporters.

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