On June 2013, Nvidia released a peculiar little device: a fully-functional console-style controller with a screen slapped right onto it. The company called it The Shield. It was their first foray into the handheld console market and it was mostly unremarkable.

The Shield was criticized for its high price ($349 which was later dropped to $300) and lack of games, with Engadget’s review summarizing the device as a “truly strange device”.

But as the old proverb goes – “if at first you don’t succeed try, try, try again”. And try again they have, with the announcement of the NVidia Shield Tablet.

Gone is the awkward controller/screen combo, to be replaced with a more traditional controller and separate tablet – even a stylus is included. The Nvidia Shield Tablet will also now be able to stream to and from your PC, support multiple controllers and a whole lot more.

Check out this video for a more complete rundown:

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