The Crew PC closed beta will start on Monday, July 21 and will last for five days until Friday, July 25.

If you’ll be among the lucky few to gain access to this closed beta, you’ll enjoy a digital version of the United States, where you’ll be free to roam as you please. The map will consist of two main areas: The Midwest, where you’ll be able to pick up missions and challenges, and the East Coast, an area full of skill challenges. The rest of the country will be open to you to explore in your vehicle, but will contain no missions or challenges during the beta.

The beta will begin in Detroit, where you can treat your car to the Street Spec, and then drive to New York for the Dirt Spec. These are just the two specs available in the beta, with the other three – Perf, Raid and Circuit – only available in the full game.

Below you will find a walkthrough video, that will walk you through all the features of the closed beta. Pay close attention so you are ready to take the wheel come july 21.

The Crew will be released on November 11 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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