Alien: Isolation will let you play as┬ámembers of the original Alien cast aboard the Nostromo. All you have to do is to pre-order the game before it is release and you’ll be upgraded to the Nostromo Edition.

As part of the Nostromo Edition, you will get access to the Crew Expendable missions, where you choose between Dallas, Parker or Ripley and try to lure the Xenomorph into the ship’s airlock.

Pre-ordering from “select retailers” will net you the Last Survivor mission. In this mission you will play as Ellen Ripley as she navigates down through the Nostromo to activate the self-destruct sequence. She will then have to retrace her steps and reach the Narcissus shuttle and escape.

Alien: Isolation will burst forth on October 7, on Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4, PS3 and PC.

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