World of Warcraft’s latest expansion, Warlords of Draenor, has officially moved on to the public beta testing stage. Invitations are being sent to players who have chosen to opt-in through


Since this is an open beta, not only can anyone get an invite if they’re lucky, there is also no NDA in place – expect lots and lots of information to start coming in soon as players explore the new zones of Draenor and share their experiences.

The expansion will bring with it most of the usual goodies: new areas, new encounters and an increased level cap to 100. There’sĀ even a bigger “Farmville” gimmick for those that just couldn’t get enough of Pandaren Farm Simulator. While there are no new classes or races, a massive graphic overhaul will finally bring all the existing models up to modern gaming standards with higher-resolution models and textures.

For the full list of all the new things you can expect, click here.

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