After yesterday’s teaser, Steam’s Summer Sale has officially kicked off. Lasting from today (June 19th) to the end of June 30th, every day will offer:

  • A batch of 9 games chosen by Valve with a new batch available every 24 hours.
  • Another batch of 4 games chosen by Valve to go on a “Flash Sale” for an 8 hour period.
  • Yet another batch of games voted as “Community’s Choice”, to go on sale 8 hours from now when the first lot will be chosen, with the next lots chosen by voting on one of two options.
  • Catalogue-wide “Publisher” sales have also been launched, offering broad discounts across entire libraries of games.

On top of it all, trading cards are making an appearance – those cards can be crafted into badges which in turn give you a chance of winning some free games off of your wishlist.

With all those games on sale just a quick mouse-click away, I wish you all the endurance to persevere and may the community sale votes be ever in your favor.

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