Murdered: Soul Suspect is a little less than two weeks before launch, and that’s plenty of time for us to sit around impatiently and wish June 3 was already here. To make the wait even more unbearable, developer Airtight Games has released a new “101” trailer for the game, showing us all the things we’ll be able to do once we get our hands on it.

The video goes through the game’s back story and characters, like protagonist Ronan O’ Connor, his trusty living sidekick and the ruthless Bell Killer.We also learn more about Ronan’s ghosts powers, from mind-reading to teleportation to the possession of humans, animals and even machinery.

The world of Dusk, the place between our world and the next, is filled with clues about Salem’s history as well as trapped spirits with a personal story to tell. There are also some less friendly ghosts that will try and devour Ronan’s soul. These demons needs to be avoided, or deposed off.

Watch the 101 trailer below to learn even more about Murdered: Soul Suspect. The game is out on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, PS3 and PC on June 3.

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