Evolve, the co-op shooter from the makers of Left 4 Dead, will be released into the wild on October 21.


Now that you know when you’ll be playing Evolve, here is a new group of hunters will be able to play as: assault person Hyde, trapper Maggie, support android Bucket and medic Lazarus.


Hyde is a member of the assault class, as as one he wield a powerful flamethrower – the weapon that deals the most damage in the game, but also has the shortest range. Hyde can use his personal shield to get up close and personal, or he can use his minigun and toxic grenades from a distance.


Trapper Maggie can harpoon alien monsters to trap them in place, ans she also brings along her pet Daisy. Daisy is a large trapjaw that can track the monster through the map and even revive players. She also likes belly-rubs, I presume.


Bucket is a support character that brings a lot of firepower to the hunt. It can deploy sentry turrets, fire guided missiles and even detach its head and use it as a flying drone to provide air support. The android can also use a cloaking field to hide itself and nearby hunters.


Lazarus isn’t the best medic around. He can provide a short healing burst that heals every hunter in his immediate vicinity, but he can’t heal from afar. Lazarus specialty is bringing hunters back from the dead quickly (you might have guessed that from his name). He also comes with his own cloaking device that helps him to get near his fallen comrades.

We’ve already met a different group of hunters a while back, and Turtle Rock has promised lots more hunters to choose from once Evolve is released on Xbox One, Playstation 4 and PC, on October 21.

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