Rockstar is developing a new next-gen title to be released during fiscal year 2015 (April 2014 – March 2015). The studio’s parent company Take-Two Interactive has reveal the project’s existence during an investor conference call Yesterday, May 13.

The publisher also confirmed that Rockstar isn’t planning on making an appearance in this year’s E3, which shouldn’t come as a big surprise. The GTA developer usually avoids most game conventions.


While Take-Two didn’t give any indication as to what this new game might be, there are several likely possibilities. Ever since GTA V was released on prev-gen consoles, rumors have hinted at Xbox One and PS4 versions of the wildly successful open-world title. Admittedly, Rockstar has refuse to comment on these rumors, but that doesn’t mean next-gen GTA V isn’t happening.

It’s also possible Rockstar is working on a sequel to Red Dead Redemption – the fan-favorite wild west open world title. Take-Two has expressed confidence in the franchise before and said it is here to stay, so RDR 2 should at least be on Rockstar’s “to-do” list.

Two more games Rockstar might be developing are the spy thriller Agent or a new entry in the Bully series. Both titles were trademarked by the studio last year, but no official announcement were made.

Then again, it could an entirely new IP. Up until we hear something concrete, all we have is speculation.


Source: CVG.

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