After a slew of rumors and a leak on Steam, Tripwire Interactive have officially announced that Killing Floor 2 is in the works. Sequel to the squad-based co-op FPS released 5 years ago as a standalone game (which began as an Unreal Tournament mod) it is one of the most played games on Steam to date. Here’s a short trailer to get you excited.

While no official release date has been announced yet, Tripwire Interactive are promising an early-access option to allow gamers to play the game from the get-go and have a real impact on how it will grow and develop over time.

Among the new features promised by Tripwire are new weapons, new Zeds and a revamp of the melee system for a better and bloodier experience. There’s also the expected visual upgrade and general “prettying up” to be expected from a sequel.

Along with the official announcement of KF2, Tripwire has also released an infographic detailing the achievements of Killing Floor’s community during the game’s five year run.

Killing Floor infographic

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