Yaiba Kamikaze, the anti-hero protagonist of Yaiba : Ninja Gaiden Z, is pretty good at killing stuff (as one would expect an undead cyborg ninja to be). The game’s new trailer and screenshots show some of the bigger enemies Yaiba will kill during his revenge-fueled journey.

First we see a giant robot that acts like a confused, missile-packing puppy, followed by a two-headed giant zombie toddler. Killing each of these formidable foes grant Yaiba a new weapon.

In between giant bosses you can see him do some standard ninja stuff like jumping, sliding, swinging and chopping zombies into tiny bits. Finally Yaiba faces off against Ryu Hayabusa himself.

Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z is out on Xbox 360, PS3 0n March 18 and March 21 on PC.

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