Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon, that awesome 80’s inspired Far Cry 3 spin-off, was the brainchild of creative director Dean Evans, who is now working on a whole new project at Ubisoft.

Interviewing for Polygon, Evans said that he is targeting an audience I’m interested that dismiss games and don’t consider themselves gamers. “There is so much we can do to bring new gamers into the fold, but we’re constantly putting up barriers all the fucking time,” he explains.

While he didn’t divulge any information about the project, apart from it being in early stages of development, Evans did brag about him recruiting concept artist Darren Bartley, as well as an unnamed art director with experience on AAA stealth and third-person shooters.

“These are two guys I’ve wanted to work with for a very long time. And because of how Blood Dragon went down, I’ve got the trust from the guys upstairs to go and build a compelling and unique universe.”

Evans is still worried the game might “go out the window” if Ubisoft other titles won’t do so well in the coming months. Lets hope we at least get to see it first, in all it’s 80’s neon glory.

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