Evolve developer Turtle Rock Studios has revealed more details about the four hunter classes in the game’s Hunt Mode – assault, trapper, support and medic – and the human characters behind them.

According to an interview over at Game Informer, there aren’t just four distinct classes to choose from when starting a new match, but rather a larger array of individual “planet tamers”. Once you pick the specific role (class) you want to play as, you can then select your human character, each with his (or hers) own weapons and gear.

Below you’ll find the first four revealed characters: Markov, Griffin, Hank and Val.

Markov is an assault hunter. Thanks to his large amount of health, he is perfect for players who like to lead the action on the front lines against Shear’s hostile wildlife. He is equipped with a lightning gun that deals serious damage at close range, and an assault rifle to take down enemies from afar.

He can also deploy arc mines that will detonate by enemy contact (teammates won’t trigger them). Like all assault hunter, Markov’s personal shield can be used to protect him from damage for a short while.

Griffin is a trapper, meaning he is all about locating the monster and bringing it down. His large harpoon gun can be used to tether the monster to him via an energy current. Once tethered, the monster can’t get too far from Griffin, which makes him a target. Fortunately, he also packs a submachine gun that does a decent amount of damage at medium range.

Sound Spikes are gadgets that serve as proximity detectors, allowing Griffin can track the monster and other animals from a distance. The trapper’s Mobile Arena is another powerful tool that allows Griffin (and all other trappers) to deploy a dome-shaped force field that can trap enemies, or protect friendlies.

As a member of the support class, Hank is all about protecting his teammates. His powerful Shield Gun can temporary create a impenetrable shield around a team mate, protecting him from attacks and other environmental damage. His sidearm is a laser cutter that can carve into flesh with ease.

Hank can also call down an airstrike for a massive area-of-effect attack. The ability he shares with all over support hunters in a cloaking device that turns him, and any ally he is currently reviving, invisible.

Finally we have Val, the team’s medic.While her Medgun, a weapon  that fires a healing beam at allies, is indeed appropriate for the role, Val has more tricks up her sleeve that might surprise you. First of of is the Anti-Materiel rifle: when fired at a monster, it creates a weak spot for her teammates to attack for extra damage.

For a less lethal approach, Val can use her tranquilizer rifle to temporarily slow down the monster and surround it with an easy-to-spot green glow. As a Medic, she also can deploy a healing burst that provide a small health boost to all nearby hunters.

So there you have it – the first four characters in Evolve. Let us know who’s your favorite so far.

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