Evolve is a new co-op shooter from Turtle Rock – the good folks who brought us Left 4 Dead.

Just like in L4D, the newly revealed shooter sees four players working together to overcome adversity. This time instead of a global pandemic we have giant monsters on distant planets.

The story revolves around humanity’s attempt to colonize a group of planets, the largest of which is named Shear. This process includes sending hunters to make sure the¬†alien-infested planets are hospitable enough. The planets have lush jungle environments packed with A.I. wildlife – which the monster can eat to become bigger and more dangerous. The hunters can use footprints and other visual and aural clues to track the monster around the jungle.

The only game mode revealed so far is Hunt Mode, where 4 players team together against a player-controlled monster. The hunters have unlimited ammo and can choose between four different classes:¬†Assault, Medics, Support and Trappers. They will evolve both their character and items over time (some will call it a progression system, but the game IS called Evolve, so…).

The monster itself has a set of objective is can complete to win the round, or it can kill each hunter three times before they die permanently.

No other modes were discussed, but Turtle Rock did say the game will have a single-player experience.

Evolve is being published by 2K Games for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC in late 2014.


Via CVG.

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