Cuphead looks like something the belongs in the golden age of American animation, alongside Mickey Mouse, Felix the Cat and Popeye. In fact it’s a new indie run-and-gun game developed by StudioMDHR.

Apart from the obviously different visual style, Cuphead features a world with branching pathways, big boss fights, and weapon power-ups. It’s easy to see it is more of an old-school title, putting the emphasis on gameplay rather than story.

The story, by the way, sees protagonist Cuphead gambling with the devil and losing.

“We wanted to avoid the classic save the world/princess and make the story/theme feel more comparable to 1930s cartoons,” studio co-founder Chad said. “This is why it is about Cuphead’s deep-seated inability to stay out of trouble versus a hero destined to overcome a pre-existing obstacle. Even though he creates his own problems you can’t help but root for his success.”

Cuphead is confirmed for the PC, but studio is also thinking about a console release.

Source: Joystiq.

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