We haven’t heard anything official about Creative Assembly’s Alien: Isolation yet, but now what seems to be two concept art images from the game have leaked online, via NeoGAF.

The first images shows a spooky-looking space station, which is rumored to be crawling with mean soldiers and murderous clones. It also suspected to be the game’s main setting, where Ripley’s daughter Amanda is being hunted by a lone Xenomorph.

Speaking of Amanda Ripley, the second image is of a frightened woman in a spacesuit, with what looks to be an Alien reflected in her visor. The way the image is structured, it could be the game’s box art.

Neither Sega nor Creative Assembly has officially confirmed the game, but you can’t ignore the clues. What do you think? Are you ready for a new Alien game after the dreadful Aliens: Colonial Marines?

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