Bethesda has trademarked Fallout 4 in Europe last week, suggesting we might hear something new about the post-apocalyptic franchise soon (or it could be a purely business move to secure the rights).

Along this trademark, a new teaser site with the title Survivor 2299 was spotted, containing a countdown that will end on December 11 and the logo of Vault-Tec Industries. While it looks promising, some claim the site is a hoax, and has nothing to do with Bethesda. We’ll see in about three weeks.

The Spike VGA / VGX are less than a month away, so if Bethesda is planning on revealing anything it might do so then. The VGX event is known for being a stage for many game reveals and surprise news.

Whichever the case mybe, you can still see the trademark file below.

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