Red Thread Games has announced a new first-person survival horror game called Draugen.

Draugen is set in amongst the mountains and fjords of the Norwegian west coast in the 1920s. It is a journey “into the pitch black heart of Norwegian national romanticism, as seen through the eyes of an American nature photographer, botanist and entomologist.” If nothing else, it sure sounds intriguing.

The game is described as a “survival horror adventure”, and since Red Thread Games is the same studio that’s working on Dreamfall Chapters, it is safe to say adventuring will be a big part of Draugen.

We don’t know much about the gameplay yet, but the story sends the player to a remote fishing community where every inhabitant has vanished mysteriously.

Considering that Draugen is the Norwegian word for Draug – a Norse undead creature that lies waiting in its watery grave – I guess we kind of already know what happened to everyone…

Draugen is scheduled to release on next-gen consoles and the PC.

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