The Witness, the new puzzles game from Braid creator Jonathan Blow and Thekla Inc., will apparently last somewhere between 24 to 40 hours, if you play through the entire game (some of it’s optional).

Writing on the PS Blog, Blow reveals that the game, designed to end around the eight-hour mark, is actually a much longer affair if you play it from start to finish without skipping anything.

“Just the other week, we played through the game from start to finish, to get a fresh perspective and to see everything that is here… Originally I had meant to design an 8-hour game, but The Witness is more like 25-40 hours depending on how much you play (some of the game is optional!).

“I suspect this is the biggest and most-intricate world ever built for a puzzle game (someone get a consultant from the Guinness Book to verify that!),” he added.

The Witness’ intricate open world won’t force players down a linear path, but instead let them travel around island in their own pace. If you want to a quick preview of the sights you’ll see when exploring and solving your way through The Witness – check out the screenshots below.

The Witness will be release on the PS4 in the near future before heading to the PC some time later.

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