Burial at Sea, the first story DLC for Bioshock Infinite, has received a new mockumentray style trailer, alongside a few new gameplay and story details. First – watch the video below.

Burial at Sea starts during New Year’s Eve 1958, the same night the uprising that tore Rapture apart took place. It is also the night the alternative versions of Booker and Elizabeth meet for the first time.

Players once again play as Booker on a mission to find a missing girl named Sally. His investigation leads him to Sander Cohen, the psychotic artist / human trafficker you might remember from the original Bioshock, and to an an underwater prison where Fontaine’s army of Splicers ended up.

Booker will be accompanied by Elizabeth, his trusty Sky Hook (called Air Grabber in this universe) and new Plasmids (instead of Vigors) and weapons. One new Plasmid is Old Man Winter, which allows Booker to freeze water and shoot ice out of his hands.

Are you excited to dive back to the underwater city of Rapture?

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