SteamOS is a new operating system based on Linux and built around steam. It is designed especially to stream Windows and Mac games from your PC to the big screen in your living room.

SteamOS will let gamers play their Steam games, share them with family members and every other service Steam provides in the comfort of their living room – all completely free.

In the official announcement post, Valve writes:

“As we’ve been working on bringing Steam to the living room, we’ve come to the conclusion that the environment best suited to delivering value to customers is an operating system built around Steam itself. SteamOS combines the rock-solid architecture of Linux with a gaming experience built for the big screen. It will be available soon as a free stand-alone operating system for living room machines.”

“In SteamOS, we have achieved significant performance increases in graphics processing, and we’re now targeting audio performance and reductions in input latency at the operating system level. Game developers are already taking advantage of these gains as they target SteamOS for their new releases.”

Apart from a huge library of games, Valve is currently working with “many of the media services you know and love” to bring TV, movies and music streaming to the new operating system.

SteamOS will soon be available to download for free for gamers and manufacturers alike.

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