Even more details on Killzone: Shadow Fall’s multiplayer were revealed today by Geurilla Games.

This time we get to learn more about the progression system, based on completing challanges rather than gaining XP, and Combat Honors – temporary bonuses you gain by being really good in a fight.

There’s also a bit about online leaderboards, bots and the decision not to include Exoskeletons or Jetpacks in multiplayer combat (the horror!). If you’re a competitive type you’ll probably enjoy the new “Spotlight system” that lets you humiliate your fellow players after a match. Sportsmanship at it’s best.

Here is the full list of details, as posted on the game’s official site:

Progression System:

Unlike previous Killzone games the multiplayer progression in Killzone Shadow Fall isn’t based on XP, but on Challenges. Completing a challenge adds a point to your rank, and rewards you with weapon attachments as well as enhancements to your abilities and visual identity. There will be more than 1500 challenges available when the game launches, ranging from straightforward (“Destroy 1 Turret”) to very specific (“Kill 1 enemy player with Laser Tripmine while they are carrying a Beacon”).

Combat Honors:

Combat Honors are temporary bonuses that can be activated by earning enough points during a round. They’re stackable, and you can unlock as many Combat Honors as you put points into. They only last as long as your play session, however, meaning you’ll lose all combat honors when you quit playing. Of course, you can disable Combat Honors in your own Custom Warzones if you like.

Weapons & Attachments:

Weapons can be augmented with up to two different attachment types at once. The number of attachments available for each weapon varies – for example, some guns won’t have room for a grenade launcher attachment, while others will be compatible with a range of grenade launcher attachments and ammo types. All weapons are skill-based – there will not be recoil-less or auto-aiming firearms.


As glimpsed in the Gamescom multiplayer trailer, players can now select the ability to deploy a smart nano-shields that block enemy attacks while allowing allied projectiles through. The nano-shields can be destroyed or knocked out with EMP weapon attachments, or simply deconstructed when no longer needed. As with all class abilities, players have the option of disabling nano-shields in their custom Warzones. We’ll cover the classes and their available abilities in more detail in the coming weeks.

Spotlight System:

The Spotlight System allows you to celebrate your victory in style. At the end of each round, players are presented with a brief scene featuring the three top players from the winning side and the top player from the losing side. One of the winning players gets to select a Spotlight move to celebrate his victory over the losing player. If he fails to execute the move in time, the losing side has an opportunity to perform a countermove. The game ships with a wide selection of Spotlight moves, and more will be released after launch.

Warzone Leaderboards:

In Killzone Shadow Fall, each warzone will have its own leaderboard. This doesn’t just apply to official or featured Warzones, but to custom ones as well. You can even choose which stats you want the leaderboard to be ranked on when you set up a custom Warzone, to encourage a particular form of play.

Online and Offline Bots:

You can add bots to online matches for any Warzone you create. Human players can replace bots during the match, to ensure that there’s always a consistent amount of players present in the Warzone. You can even add bots to only one faction, to allow for ‘Bots vs. Humans’ type Warzones. In offline mode you can still create your own Warzones and play against bots, but you don’t have the ability to complete Challenges.

No Exoskeletons or Jetpacks:

Owing to the decision to ensure that custom Warzone presets work on all multiplayer maps, there will be no Exoskeletons or Jetpacks in multiplayer when Killzone Shadow Fall launches. Their inclusion would introduce a wide number of new variables and exceptions to account for, and we want to focus on offering fair, reliable and consistent Warzone customizability.

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