I bet all of you here at GamersPack really like zombies; well we do too, and that is why we were really looking forward to try out Dying Light, Techland’s new zombie game, at Gamescom 2013.

It was a little bit different from what we saw at E3. There it was more about getting a feel for the game’s open world, melee combat system and side quests, not to mention finding all sorts of cool ways to kill (and yes, sometime even avoid) zombies during the day.

The Gamescom demo was less about the “carefree” roaming of the day, and more about surviving the night. We got to experiment with all sorts of traps (like electrifying a sheet of metal to create a barrier between us and the zombies), and experience the horror of being haunted by the terrifying Volatiles – super zombies that only come out at night.

After we were done, we sat down with designer Maciej Binkowski for an interview about what we just saw, and everything else he was willing to tell us about the game. Watch it below.

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