Keiji Inafune, best known as the creator of Mega Man, is working on a new Japanese side-scrolling action game called Mighty No. 9. It also meant to be a spiritual successor to the iconic blue hero.

In Might No. 9, players play as Beck, a powerful robot. He is the only robot in the world that is not infected by a mysterious virus that causes all mechanized creatures to go berserk.

In true Mega Man fashion, Beck will run, jump, blast, and transform through six stages and fight his robotic brothers – the Mighty No. Robots to steal their weapons and powers. Hopefully then he will save the planet, as all heroes must.

Inafune is taking his new project to Kickstarter so he can get Mega Man fans involved in both crowdfunding the game and developing it. The goal is $900,000 (which, judging by the first day alone, won’t be a problem to raise), and the stretch goals include more stages and console versions.

Might No. 9 is currently being developed for the PC and is scheduled to release in spring 2015.

MightyNo9-1 MightyNo9-2 MightyNo9-3 MightyNo9-4 MightyNo9-5 MightyNo9-6

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