Killzone: Shadow Fall’s mutliplayer mode has been unveiled in Gamescom 2013. Before we delve into more details, watch the trailer below. It’s both informative and shows competitive multiplayer gameplay.

See? Killzone: Shadow Fall multiplayer offers players the freedom to create their own custom Warzones (as you saw in the trailer) by choosing “the number of players (4-24), rules, mission modes, classes, abilities and weapons” they would like to allow in a match. These settings can then be saved and shared with the community.

The game will ship with eight different modes, three classes with unique abilities, and 22 different weapons. Furthermore, and maybe most important, all future DLC maps will cost absolutely nothing.

If the gameplay footage in the trailer and the free DLC maps are not enough to get you excited, maybe this incredible amount of screenshots and concept art will. See it all below.

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