Mike Bithell, creator of the brilliant (and GamersPack’s best platformer of 2012) Thomas Was Alone, has unveiled his new game titled Volume. We have the reveal trailer and screenshots below.

Volume is a stealth game where our unknown protagonist sneaks about a colorful level and steals everything that isn’t nailed down. Trying to stop him are weird looking robots (I think they are robots) with guns. Don’t worry though, the unnamed hero has his own gadgets to help him out.

Players can remix the core levels of the game, or create entirely new ones to share with the world.

The entire thing just reminds me of a 3D Monaco: What’s Yours in Mine, the adorable and colorful indie stealth game released earlier this year, but Eurogamer describes it as Metal Gear meets Minecraft.

I guess they has a point, but I like my comparison better. More details on Volume, including the story and the protagonist’s identity, will be announced in October during Gamecity 8.

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