It has been confirmed that the Xbox One will function without a plugged-in Kinect sensor.

According to chief Xbox One platform architect Marc Whitten, the new Kinect offers a lot of new features: from giving voice commends for your console and in-game squad members, to recognizing the controller in your hands and automatically turning it on. However, it is no longer mandatory to have your Kinect 2.0 connected in order to play games (or use the system in general).

“Like online, the console will still function if Kinect isn’t plugged in,” Whitten told IGN. “Although you won’t be able to use any feature or experience that explicitly uses the sensor.”

“You have the ability to completely turn the sensor off in your settings,” he replied when asked about the Kinect’s off mode. “When in this mode, the sensor is not collecting any information. Any functionality that relies on voice, video, gesture or more won’t work.”

This is the second policy change Microsoft has made since the reveal of the console. A couple of months ago, Microsoft has changed its policy on online connectivity and used games.

What do you think? Do you feel safe knowing the Kinect won’t be spying on you every time you play?

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