This is the official tweet from FEZ developer Polytron, announcing FEZ 2 is not loner in development.

Phil Fish, the creator of the original FEZ and it’s sequel, has posted a similar tweet reading “im done. FEZ II is cancelled. goodbye.” While Fish claims the cancellation is not a “result of any one thing“, many attribute the sudden news to a tweet-war between him and Marcus “Annoyed Gamer” Beer.

The whole thing started during an episode of GameTrailers’ Invisible Walls where Beer called Phil Fish and Jonathan Blow (Braid) “tosspots” and  “hipsters” for refusing to talk to the press about Microsoft allowing self-publishing on the Xbox One.

Needless to say, it all escalated quickly from there. We’re not going to post the entire ugly thing here, but you can probably find it fairly easily if you want to know exactly what went down.

FEZ 2 was first announced at E3 2013, during the Horizon indie press conference. First trailer is below.


Sources: Polygon, Joystiq

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