Those who don’t know Wade Wilson, also known as Deadpool or The Merch with a Mouth, should better fix that; after all, this is his game and he’ll make sure you know that. A quick introduction: Deadpool is a former mercenary turned anti-hero when his body was infused with Wolverine’s DNA. The procedure left him horribly scarred and bat-shit insane, but also gave him remarkable healing powers. He can survive pretty much anything, even being blown up to tiny bits. Now Deadpool and his X Force friends, including Wolverine, Rouge and Psylock, are out on a crazy and very bloody adventure.

Deadpool is known in the world of Marvel as frequent breaker of the fourth wall, meaning he knows he’s inside a game and will make remakes (seldom insulting ones) at the player. He is also armed with a wide arsenal of amusing one-liners such as “My common sense is tingling”. So basically Deadpool decided one day he wants to star in his own video game and after a short argument with High Moon Studios that included a little C4, massive chances to the scripts and threats of violence – he got one! From the first moment you can sense the whole thing is going to be completely bananas (or should I say chimichangas). Chaos, toilet humor, slapstick and other lowbrow jokes are Deadpool’s main weapons targeted at the player’s inner teenager. But if you spend too much time laugh and not enough playing, he will start complaining.

The game starts in Wade’s small and dirty apartment. The anti-hero’s great adventure hasn’t even started yet, and already you have 14 different things to find and do inside; whether it’s surfing the net for kitty videos, making a thousand pancakes or other, not so family-friendly stuff before the first level even loaded. From there it all goes nuts. Even the tutorial, where you learn how to jump, slash and shoot, is unconventional and weird. Even if you’re sitting there thinking “But I don’t like comics! I’ve never read anything about Deadpool!” have no fear – I’ve never did either and I found the game insanely fun.

So before I start explaining what Deadpool actually does in his game, let me talk a little about the less fun aspects of the game. Firstly we have the gameplay. The controls are not so intuitive, the camera is all over the place (but never where you want to be), inaccurate jumping… A lot of small stuff that come together to mar the gaming experience. With it we have to poor graphics. I’m not saying every game should look like Crysis 3, but in the year 2013 it’s ok to expect proper graphics from a game published by a major company like Activision. The game just looks bad and bland. Also, you’ll probably die a bunch of times because a group of enemies with guns can tear Wade to shreds fairly quickly. All of this diminishes Deadpool’s appeal as a game, but the writing and humor (and the mouthy marc himself) manage to pick it back up.

Truly, everything that’s good about the game comes from Deadpool himself: breaking the fourth wall, running away from the player’s camera and his constant whines and complaints about the game (which are sometime justified). We also have the voices in Wade’s head who always argue with each other and Deapool – thus creating some very funny and memorable moments. So what a game starring Deadpool can offer you? Tons of explosives, some very inappropriate humor and sudden shifts in gameplay of course! Actually, right at the beginning you’ll get to experience the Legend of Zelda through Deadpool’s eyes. Plus, every other character in the game is a treat (and a fan service) to interact with.

In summary, Deadpool is far from being perfect, and can sometimes feel like a collection of great scenes separated by tiresome sequences of repetitive killing and violence. It’s not the best game that came out this year, but it is definitely among the funniest. You can spec Deadpool to match your play-style (to a degree) with different melee’ and ranged weapons, such as hammers, machine guns or mines to deal more damage or attack faster. So prepare to laugh, be disgusted and frequently just stare and the screen with that “WTF?!” look. Great for all Marvel fans and those who just a want a little juvenile fun.

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