According to the website Siliconera, the human psychopaths who serve as bosses within the Dead Rising series will return in the Xbox One exclusive Dead Rising 3. The site also provides some very interesting details about four of the psychos Rick will be fighting.

The first is Shifu, an Asian immigrant who stayed in Los Perdidos to tend to his Zen garden. He attacks everybody who dare set foot inside it, and when Rick trips over one of the garden’s rocks, Shifu tries to kill him with a Guan Dao.

Second we have a female professional wrestler and bodybuilder named Jerry. Rick comes across her when she is training in the gym. After he mistakes Jerry for a man, she throws weights at Rick and uses various grappling moves in battle.

Rick also fights a motorcycle gang leader, who revels in the anarchy brought about by the zombie outbreak. His motorcycle has a steamroller instead of a front wheel and is decorated with human remains.

Lastly we have Trent, a spoiled trust fund baby who lives in a mansion and plays video games all day. When Rick comes to rescue him, Trent is sitting on a huge pile of empty chip bags and mountain dew bottles, mumbling about levels, headshots and pizza.

Just a small reminder: Siliconera was the site who brought us first reliable details about Dead Rising 3, more than a year before Microsoft announced the game at this year’s E3. So it is safe to assume these psychotic details are legit, or at least some of them are.

Dead Rising 3 wil be released on the Xbox One later this year, as a launch title.

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