Disney Infinity is a huge game, with over a hundred familiar (and some beloved) Disney IPs, including The Incredibles, Lone Ranger, Monsters University and many others. At this year’s E3 I had a chance to mess around with the game’s Toy Box mode and several of the Play Sets, and it almost made me feel like a kid again.

You already know how the whole action figures / figurines scanning work, lets talk about the Play Sets themselves. Each Play Sets is inspired by a certain IP, and offers a predetermined set of missions or objective. You can only play around a Play Set with the corresponding characters, so the Lone Ranger Play Set won’t work with, say, Jack Sparrow; sorry, CAPTAIN Jack Sparrow.

I did quickly try The Incredibles Play Set, just to get a feel for the game (since I was much more interested in the Toy Box mode). As Mr. Incredible I explored Metro City and fought Syndrome and his army of robots. I even saved a few innocent citizens before moving on. This isn’t Infinity’s strong suit, and I’ve played dozens of third-person action-adventure titles that were much more exciting, even without a successful Disney franchise. However, it is important to mention that the Play Sets are not just a rehash of the movies, but a whole new story within the IP’s world, so if you want to spend more time within your favorite Disney world – that’s a great opportunity to do so.

Once completing a Play Set for the first time, all of its characters, environments and objects become available to play with in the Toy Box, so after I was done fighting Syndrome I switched over to Infinity’s open world mode and started building my very own Disney experience.

The moment I opened the Toy Box, a Disney representative joined my game to show me all the cool things you can do, like change the terrain, add new objects and locations, and even “program” their behavior (in real time, of course). With the magic wand, players can form a connection between two or more objects and trigger a chain of events once a certain condition is met. I even created a button that changed the camera’s position and transformed the entire level into a 2D platformer.

I also learned that apart from character figures and predetermined environments, the game comes with a few flat discs you can place on your scanner to add more variety to your Toy Box. Some discs go under the character figurine to give your heroes new abilities or items, while others go under the environment piece (which represent the Play St as well) to add new themes to it. For example, placing the Finding Nemo disc under the Cars environment piece moved the whole area underwater.

After a few minutes of mayhem (never let me have full control over the game world, it usually ends up badly), I finally started listening to the Disney represntative beside me, who informed me Infinity will have 17 toys to play with upon release, as well as a true cross-platform play. This means that if you spend a whole afternoon creating a unique level on your friend’s Wii U, you can upload it to the internet and then play it on your Xbox 360 at home.

All in all Disney Infinity looks really fun to play with a friend (one locally or three online). The Play Sets won’t blow you away, since they are all fairly standard, but the game’s open world and highly creative Toy Box mode probably will. After messing around with the rich and deep world-building tools, riding on Cinderella’s monster carriage, and shooting who knows how many ridiculous guns, I can agree with the little boy who said “Disney Infinity is like Red Dead Redemption that my mom will want me to play.”

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