Square Enix has teased an upcoming reveal relating to Murdered: Soul Suspect via Twitter. After solving a cleverly concealed (not really) hint with in the tweet, we suspect the reveal is planned for this Tuesday (AKA tomorrow). Let’s see if you can figure out why:

That’s right, if you put together all the capital letters it spells “TUESDA(Y)”. You’re quite the detective.

So I went over to the Murdered evidence hub, entered the new password (it’s “Tuesday”) and got this weird MP4 file that just shows the image below along some disturbing noises. Creepy.

And that’s it. Hopefully we’ll learn more about the game tomorrow, so come back then to check for new developments in the story. Meanwhile you can watch Murdered: Soul Suspect reveal trailer if you haven’t done so yet, or just want to remind yourself what we know so far.

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