The zombies are back to try and eat your brains, so you better grab a trowel and a watering can and start sowing. Yes, Popcap has officially announced Plants Vs. Zombies 2 exclusively for iOS devices.

This highly anticipated sequel “continues the epic struggle of plants defending your brainz against zombies” with new levels, new plants, new zombies,  and “new ways to play.” But you won’t only be defending your backyard, you’ll also be traveling yo backyards all over history, both past and future.

Joining you in your time travels is, was always, your friendly neighbor Crazy Dave, who serves as a not-so-trusty guide and shopkeeper. Dave can sell the player new touchscreen power-ups, plant food that can supercharge plants and other upgrades.

Plant Vs. Zombies 2 will utilize the iOS devices’ touch interface in several different ways to “enthrall existing fans and new players alike.” New touchscreen power-ups will enable player to “break the fourth wall” and interact with the zombies and plants directly, and  new gameplay mechanics will “both help and hinder players’ efforts to thwart the zombie hordes.”

“It’s about time!” said Allen Murray, Senior Producer for Plants vs. Zombies 2. “We’re confident that players will see the love and attention we’ve put into this game. We’ve created wild new ways to experience the plants and zombies you know and love as well as packing the game with tons of completely new content, and we’re still hard at work coming up with even more cool stuff that will keep Plants vs. Zombies 2 fresh and evolving in the months and years following launch.”

Plants Vs. Zombies 2 will be completely free to download and play on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, and will be sprouting worldwide on July 18. You can watch the reveal trailer below (new plants included).

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