The picture above was taken on the streets of L.A., where E3 is destined to take place in about a week.

As you can clearly see, it is a billboard of Dark Souls 2, placed there by publisher Namco Bandai jut before the convention. So what’s the big deal about one E3 banner? well, below the big white title hides a very important detail – the game’s release date.

The sign reads “March 2014” and I think its safe to say that’s the official release window for Dark Souls 2, From Software’s sequel to the infamously difficult fantasy role-playing game.

In other news, a bunch of new concept art images by artist Cron Zhang were posted online today, and they all seem to be from Dark Souls 2. However, Namco Bandai did not confirm if these new art pieces are official or not. They are pretty impressive to watch even if they have nothing to do with Dark Souls 2.

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