Shadow of the Eternals, spiritual successor to the GameCube classic horror game Eternal Darkness, was announced by Precursor Games. The game is a horror action-adventure title with an episodic format (12 episodes total) slated for release in Q3 2014 on the Wii U and PC.

The announcement came with a teaser trailer and a short story description. You can find both below.

“The pilot episode of Shadow of the Eternals begins when detective Paul Becker is called to one of the bloodiest massacres in Louisiana state history at Pleasant View Hospital.  The massacre is survived by two individuals who seemingly have no recollection about who they are or what has transpired.

“Becker’s interrogation of the suspects brings us to Hungary 1610 AD at Čachtice Castle – home to the noblewoman Erzébet Bathory. Bathory is also a notorious serial killer; torturing and killing as many as 400 young women in her obsessive quest to retain her youth. You play the role of Bathory’s handmaiden and lover Clara, who is blackmailed by the authorities into gathering information about a missing nobleman’s daughter.

“Events are soon set in motion that will change Clara’s life forever.”

The studio has also started a crowd funding campaign for the episodic title , asking for $1.5 million to make Shadow of the Eternals a reality. You can chip in at the game’s official website.

“Precursor Games intends to leave no stone unturned in order to create an unparalleled experience for gamers,” said CEO Paul Caporicci. “We have a talented team, incredible technology with CryENGINE and a new business model where we directly integrate the fan base into the development process, allowing for new possibilities and game direction.

“We are very excited to see where this new direction leads,” he added.

If you want to see the game in action before you decided whether or not to contribute some of your hard-earned cash, IGN was kind enough to provide a 9 minute gameplay video, which is also available below.

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