Remember Project Hell? The hack and slash dark fantasy game by Techland? Well, the studio has officially announced it under the title Hellraid, with a story-driven single-player campaign and a four-player co-operative multiplayer.

“The armies of Hell brought pain and destruction to the realm of man, and only a select few have the fighting skills necessary to confront the devilish monstrosities,” reads the game’s official discription. “Combining elements of hack & slash RPGs, first-person shooters and online multiplayer games, Hellraid features an advanced, immersive combat system with melee, ranged and magical weapons. The engaging Game Master system makes each game a different experience, placing loot and enemies while generating random online challenges.

If this sounds like your kind of hellish fun, you’ll be happy to learn Hellraid is set to drag you straight to hell later this year on the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. First screenshots below.

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