The XCOM FPS was the target of many rumors since it was first announced in 2010 and then fall off the radar. Some claim it’s now a third-person tactical shooter, or that it no longer carries the XCOM brand and is instead titled “The Bureau“. Whatever you choose to believe, it seems we’ll soon know the truth.

A new video popped up on online, showing footage of the Russian meteor that crashed a few months ago. This video, however, asserts that the crash was just actually a cover up.

Normally we won’t pay any attention to wacko conspiracy theorists, but then we discovered that one of the keywords in the video is “whathappenedin62”- the name of a domain held by Take Two Interactive. Furthermore, the name of the video uploader is “Veritas MCMLXII”; Veritas means “Truth” in Latin and MCMLXII is the Roman version for 1962.

Take Two’s XCOM FPS (or The Bureau) is supposedly all about a secret alien invasion taking place in the US during 1962. A coincidence? We think not.

If that’s not quite enough evidence for you, some game press sites have also received a mysterious package filled with XCOM related stuff, suggesting an official announcement is near.

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