Gears of War: Judgment will have a second unlockable campaign hidden within it, called “Aftermath. Aftermath takes place in parallel to Gears of War 3, around the same time Marcus was busy dealing with the Locust Queen. Players will get to experience the story of Baird and Cole during that time.

Epic Games told OXM that in order to open this extra content, dedicated players will have to collect all the stars during the main campaign. Stars can be unlocked when scoring headshots and preforming executions (among other things) in each of the missions. Switching over to the Declassified missions Рa more challenging version of each main mission, also helps earn more stars.

“We wanted to do something that added context to the game, so you had that beginning part, but then this ties everything together with the main trilogy as well,” lead level designer Jim Brown told the site. “So you’ll see when you go in there some people you recognise, some places, maybe even some enemies and then see how the two storylines weave together in the context of the whole franchise.”

Gears of War: Judgment is out March 19, 2013 in the US and March 22 in Europe. Below you’ll find a video explaining the new Aftermath campaign and some new screenshos. Judge for yourself.

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