Warner Bros. has confirmed that Batman Arkham franchise will be getting a new edition later this year. We’re not sure what it will be called, or when the game will actually ship, only that’s it is coming soon.

During Time Warner’s earning call, Chief Financial Officer and Chief Administrative Officer John K. Martin has revealed that  the next Batman Arkham game is indeed in the works and will be released in 2013. “…we also have a strong games release this year, which will include the next release in the Batman Arkham franchise,” he said. “So all in all, we expect Warners to post another very strong year in 2013. And with a little luck, the year should be as good or maybe even a little bit better than 2012.”

According to VG247, Rocksteady Studios is not involved in the development process of the new game. This could mean that the rumors about the studio’s 50’s-inspired Batman game are not all that crazy.

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