2012 was mostly a good year for gamers. Mostly. 2013, by all accounts, should be just as good. The rise of Kickstarter projects showed us that games still want to be made, and that we have some cool games to look forward to. So, with that in mind, I’ve put together a list of my most anticipated games: Some are happening, some are wishful thinking – but all will hopefully be awesome.

The Last of Us

Naughty Dog really took cinematic gaming to the next level with Uncharted 3. Love it or hate it, they have a knack for creating some over the top intense action. Now they got a whiff of the zombie horde, and will be giving us their version of survival. You’ve all seen footage of the game, need I say more?

Beyond: Two Souls

This one will be more story focused than some of you will like, but that doesn’t mean the gameplay part will suffer for it. Quantic Dreams already gave us a unique experience with Heavy Rain, and from what they’ve showed us so far, we are looking for something much more intense and engaging than before. We can’t wait.

Dragon Age: Inquisition

I loved Dragon Age 2. It’s story was right up my alley, and the combat system was just an excuse for me to build my name and legacy in the city of Kirkwall. Sure, Bioware is facing some harsh critisizm these days, and it may make us all a little worried, but I can’t wait to head back into Thedas. This time in Frostbite 2 style.

Path of Exile

I’ll be frank: I don’t like Diablo 3; not one bit. The change of direction is too much for my heart to take, and so I was left to ponder on nostalgia. Luckily there is this team, Grinding Gear Games, and they set out to make a more classic hack&slash game with a splash of their own ingenuity. The result is more than I hoped for, and you will be able to see for yourselves come January 23rd – that’s when the open beta will commence.


An MMO set in the Forgotten Realms legendary city, based around the 4th edition rule set? It will be interesting to see Cryptic Studios’s attempt on integrating an epic, single player level stroyline in a MMO environment. Just imaging the epicness.

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

You have to hand it to SqureEnix. They are really good at supporting their games. They have another FFXIII game coming soon, and they still support FFXI. When FFXIV came out it was a disaster, but SE didn’t give up. Now with the overhaul they are giving the game, it seems that listening to the fans really paid off and ARR will fix the negativity that is today synonymous with FFXIV.


This latest Korean MMO has much promise written into it. Just a quick look at the (now open) English website, and you can understand why. Sandbox world with naval combat done right, player driven economy (driven as in you have to move merchandise through the world, not just post it on some table), dynamic classes and law and order systems. And this is just the tip of the iceberg. The game is already live in South Korea, and XL GAMES is said to be actively looking for a publisher for the US and EU markets. While they are aiming for a late 2013 release, it’s more likely that we’ll see it next year.

Planetary Annihilation

A new strategy game from some of the minds and hands behind Total Annihilation, now with asteroids as weapons. The battlefield maps have grown to encompass planets and solar systems, with players fighting for control of resources and land. Sounds generic, but not when these guys are at the helm.

Project Cars

Now this here is a special one. Built form the combined effort of both developers and the community, Project Cars is a racing simulation game that will put you, the gamer/driver, through a racing career spanning almost every type of car. If you are a Gran Turismo or Forza Motorsport fan, or a more hardcore racing sim enthusiast, this game is for you. Amazing community input, realistic handling and tire physics, and unbelievable graphics. Not much more left to ask for. Should be out by the end of the year.

Half Life: Episode 3

Valve. Y u no give us ep3?!

There you have it. These are the games I am waiting to play this year (hopefully all of them), and I do hope at least one will live up to my expectations. What do you think?

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