CD Projekt RED has released a first teaser trailer for Cyberpunk 2077, showing a rampant woman so augmented with cyber-modifications she can no longer stand being around organic flesh. The result of her frenzy can be seen quite clearly in glorious CGI. Staring alongside said woman are the The Night City police and one special oprative from the “Psycho Squad”.

The Psycho Squad, or MAX-TAC (Maximum Force Tactical Division) as it is officially called, is a special unit trained to deal with these types of situations, disposing or even recruiting the rampaging Psycho.

Body augmentations are not the only advanced technology in the dark, violent world of Cyberpunk 2077. A new crazed called Braindance is the latest affordable and highly questionable from of entertainment.

“Braindances are digital recordings of a person’s experience. The viewer can stream a braindance directly into his neural system via special brain augmentations, called a BD player. Braindances allow the viewer to experience all brain processes registered, including emotions, muscle movements and all stimuli perceived by the recording person.”

A Braindance experience can be anything from the”thrills, sweats, smells, views, sounds” of extreme sports to the illegal recordings of the mind of a serial killer, allowing users to not only see the horrifying murders first hand, but to experience the rush of the hunt and the fulfillment of the kill.

The future is indeed a disturbing place to be if you believe Cyberpunk 2077’s grim vision. players will experience a nonlinear, multi-thread story designed especially for mature audiences in “a world where advanced technologies have become both the salvation and the curse of humanity.”

There’s next to no information about the game’s actual gameplay, and no official release date either (“when it’s ready”), but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the first CGI trailer below (and you should).

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