Despite previous reports claiming Valve’s Steam Box is nothing but a gamer’s day-dream, it appears the console-like device does actually exists, if you believe what the German tech website Golem says.

According to the site, Valve electronics engineer Ben Krasnow spoke during EHSM 2012 in Berlin last month, revealing some very interesting information about the so-called Steam Box. First of all, the machine will run on Linux, and not Windows – a not-so-surprising decision by Valve (Gabe Newell has expressed his reservations regarding Windows 8 before). Secondly, the site reports the console will be unveiled during 2013, possible at this year’s GDC in March or E3 in June.

Krasnow also hinted at another big hardware reveal by Valve later this year, but didn’t provide any further details about what it could be.


Pic: Nick Rutledge – Animation & Design


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