Now that we’ve survived the end of the world and made it to 2013, I figured this would be a good time to go over my own personal wishlist and pick the 10 upcoming games I’m most excited for and can’t wait to play. Please note that this list isn’t numbered, just arranged by release dates for my convenience. So without further ado – I give you my 10 most anticipated games of 2013.

The Cave

A game by Tim Shaffer and Ron Gilbert? How can I not get excited about this puzzle-platformer?! I admit I don’t know much about this game, but heck… It’s about a bunch of quirky characters exploring a talking cave with puzzles, traps and monsters in it – what more do you want?

Dead Space 3

I’ll be the first to admit Dead Space 3 looks a little disappointing. The new focus on action, with universal ammo, human enemies and cover system, doesn’t bode well for the game. However, I loved the previous games (even the one on the Wii) and enjoyed the book and movies, so I guess I’m a fan of the franchise. And as a fan I’m still excited for the next big installment in the series, and will probably play it twice (at least) – once in Co-op with a good friend and then alone, in the dark, under a blanket.

Aliens: Colonial Marines

I like the Alien movies ever since I saw Aliens as a kid (later I had to go back and watch the first movie as an adult), and I like Gearbox ever since I played Opposing Force in 1999. Now Gearbox is making an Aliens game, which looks f’ing fantastic. Need I say more? Well, I probably should, but I’m way too busy day-dreaming about blasting Xenomorphs in the face with a smartgun.

Crysis 3

Crysis 3 is on this list mainly because I’ve played the previous games in the franchise. I still don’t know if I should get excited about it or not, since there’s no way my current PC rig can run it without immediately turning into a pile of ashes and broken dreams. Plus, I’m not that big of a fan of the Crysis 1 and 2 (loved Crysis Warhead though). Still, it’s one of the best looking games out there, and playing around in a big and rich environment with a powerful nanosuit is always fun.

Tomb Raider

My experience so far with the new Tomb Raider hasn’t been all that good or exciting. I played a short demo during Gamescom 2012 and it was kinda boring and unfulfilling. BUT I still believe this game can be good, and even great, when played as a whole (a bad demo shouldn’t ruin the game for me). Every video I saw just made me more excited about playing it when it comes out, and hopefully I would not be disappointed. And come on – it’s Lara Croft we’re talking about! I always had fun playing as her, even if it was just to see her crash on the rocks below…

Bioshock Infinite

Now that’s a big one. I absolutely loved the first Bioshock (the second – not so much) and this one looks just as great and as much fun to play. The fast-paced action combined with an original story and fantastic characters (and enemies) are more than enough to create the perfect game of 2013. If this list was numbered – Bioshock Infinite would be floating up high above the rest.

Grand Theft Auto V

C’mon… It had to be somewhere on this list. It just had to.

Metro: Last Light

Metro 2033 was a nice game. Not the best shooter out there, but it was still fun and unique enough to stand out in a sea of FPSs. Metro: Last Light seems to be, as far as I’ve seen, even better – graphically and gameplay-wise. So yeah, it’s on the list. I love post-apocalyptic settings, and the fact that this one is set beneath the ruins of Moscow just makes it even more interesting.

Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs

I love horror games, and Amnesia: The Dark Descent was one good horror game. Since I also love Frictional Games’ Penumbra series, I have no reason to suspect Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs will be anything less than the most terrifying experience of 2013. Wandering around dark corridors while unknown monsters hunt you down? Check. Physics-based puzzles? Check. Atmosphere that will make you whimper like a little girl every time a door opens? Check and Check.

The Last of Us

The Last of Us is on the list not because of Naughty Dog and the Uncharted series. I liked Uncharted 2 & 3, but The Last of Us is way more up my ally than these games ever were. Fungus zombies? A tale of survival at all costs? Close-quarters┬ácombat with pipes and shotguns? I love all of that stuff! At the moment I’m not so sure about the story and the characters, but everything else looks simply amazing.

These were my 10 most anticipated games of 2013. Do you agree with me? Have I left some of your favorite games out? Just feel the need to yell at me? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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