Today is the last day of 2012, so we figured there’s no better time to unveil our choices for the best games of the years, in a variety of categories. We had to make some tough choices; things were said, names were called and hearts were broken, but eventually we managed to come to a decision.

So without further ado, GamersPack presents to you: The Best Games of 2012.

Best Action-Adventure Game of 2012

Dishonored 3

“Dishonored offers much more than just a super-assassin protagonist. The vast industrial city of Dunwall, the unique setting and memorable characters, not to mention the fun and exciting gameplay, will keep drawing you back into its rich world, even after the first playthrough.” – Guy Yuval

Best Role-Playing Game of 2012

Mass Effect 3

“Mass Effect 3 is everything we were promised and more. It provides hours upon hours of pure pleasure, with the amazing story, fateful decisions and versatile action and missions we’ve come to expect from the highly successful Mass Effect series. A truly spectacular and awesome game ” – Eran Shvartz

Best Shooter of 2012

Max Payne 3

“Max Payne 3 is a gritty, wonderfully written third-person shooter starring the world’s most jaded police officer. The story is engaging, the gameplay is fun and intense, and both the visual and audio presentations are top-notch. Both long-time Max Payne fans and newcomers to the series will appreciate Rockstar’s take on the bitter detective.” – Guy Yuval

Best Fighting Game of 2012

Tekken Tag Tournament 2

“Tekken Tag Tournament 2 is an expertly made game that offers a great gaming experience, to both new and old fans of the series. So if you’re looking for a game you’d really want to invest in, or a just one to pass a few adrenaline-pumped hours with, this is the fighting game for you.” – Avi Kaisermann

Best Racing Game of 2012

Forza Horizon

“Forza’s first trip outside the track results in a thrilling driving experience through winding open roads and towering mountains. Tried and true driving experience and great graphics makes the open world version of Forza a true evolution, offline and online” – Tomer Blau

Best Strategy Game of 2012

XCOM Enemy Unknow

“XCOM: Enemy Unknown is an excellent, fun and challenging game. Even gamers who aren’t into turn-based strategy games are recommended to give this one a go. It doesn’t really matter whether you played the old games in the franchise or not, EU stands all on its own, with a modern visuals and hours of fun, lasers and plasma cannons. – Eran Shvartz

Best Adventure Game of 2012

The Walking Dead

“The Waking Dead is, to put it simply, a masterpiece of storytelling and pacing. It’s not the challenge or the fairly straightforward gameplay that keeps you going through each episode of The Walking Dead; it’s the uncontrollable urge to find out what happens next, what’s going to happen to your favorite characters and what unearthly dangers await them – and that’s what adventure is all about.” – Guy Yuval

Best Sports Game of 2012

NBA 2K13

“NBA 2K13 is another great title that lets basketball fans experience a quality simulation of a real basketball game. From the moment you enter the stadium you feel like a  part of the team and that you’ll do anything please your fans and teammates.” – Avi Kaisermann

Best Platformer of 2012

Thomas was alone

“As my good friend and colleague Tomer Blau kept saying, jokingly, while playing Thomas Was Alone – less is more. It’s sounds a bit cliche, but in this case it’s the absolute truth. It’s a wonder how such a simple game can make you feel so attached to a group of colorful rectangles to the point you start referring to them by name rather than by color or shape. Thanks to a brilliantly delivered narrative and fun jumping puzzles, Thomas Was Alone is one of my favorite games of 2012.” – Guy Yuval

Best MMO of 2012

Guild Wars 2

“Sure enough, many AAA massively multiplayer online games saw light in 2012, and while each game shines in it’s own way, Guild Wars 2 takes the cake. Just like the first game, Guild Wars 2 brings with it innovations in fighting mechanics and questing and comes together as a solid MMO that offers some of the best fantasy setting this year (minus the monthly payment).” – Tomer Blau

Best Graphics of 2012

Far Cry 3

“There was some good looking games this year. But, as always, there can be only one. Far Cry 3 showed some serious muscle on our aging consoles, but even that didn’t come close to the amazing vistas we came across on our trusty PC. We also got some neat wallpapers out of it.” – Tomer Blau

Best Soundtrack of 2012

Hotline Miami

“Hotline Miami’s soundtrack may not appeal to everyone with it’s heavy 80’s techno beats, but no other game translates it’s essence into music so perfectly. The ultra-violent Hotline Miami thrives on its soundtrack, using it to both whip the player into a sort of killing frenzy and then force him to face the consequences of the digital carnage he’s responsible for.” – Guy Yuval

Best Story of 2012

The Walking Dead

“The Walking Dead series is a testament of the power of narrative and character interaction in video games. It is impossible to remain detached from the story of Lee and Clementine as the episodes progress and the grim reality of the zombie apocalypse takes its toll again and again. Every scene either fills your head with dreadful thoughts or tugs mercilessly at your heart strings.” – Guy Yuval

Best New IP of 2012

Dishonored 3

“Out of all the new IPs we were introduced to in 2012, Dishonored was not only our favorite, but the one most likely to make it into a full blown franchise. Be it the continuation of Corvo’s journey or a different tale altogether set in the game’s rich settings – Dishonored is definitely the beginning of something new and exciting.” – Guy Yuval

Best New Character of 2012


“Do you know what the definition of insanity is? No? Vaas Montenegro can tell you. No other character in 2012 drove us insane like the prophet of lunacy himself. We were glad to face Vaas as a villain in Far Cry 3, mostly thanks to the acting of Michael Mando, who brought to life some pretty crazy monologues.” – Tomer Blau

Biggest Surprise of 2012

XCOM Enemy Unknow

“If the return of the classic XCOM franchise to PCs and consoles wasn’t enough of a surprise, the fact that XCOM: Enemy Unknown was so damn good definitely was. We were expecting a nice turn-based strategy game with aliens in it, but what we got was one of the best games of 2012.” – Guy Yuval

Best Game of 2012

mass effect

“Continuing the legacy of former games in the series, Mass Effect 3 deserves many praises. Whether it’s the array of memorable characters, the fast-paced action, the story spanning galaxies and pretty much everything else in this game. The Mass Effect universe is huge, with plenty of thought and story behind it. Some might say the ending spoiled the game, but I wouldn’t have it any other way, the best game of 2012, and there’s no doubt about it.” – Eran Shvartz

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