Star Galaxy, a new browser -based MMO from Square Enix, was revealed to day through a teaser website. The title is a multiplayer space sim that will see players take the role of commander in chief and manage resources, build bases and micro-mange. The MMO part seems up to 2,000 players battling each other on one big battle field using various units represented by cards.

So Star Galaxy is a massive multiplayer space sim card game, all on your browser.

There are four faction fighting to gain control over territory and resources. They are:

  • The Boldor Imperial Army led by the cold-hearted master tactician  Roy Bismark.
  • The God fearing Holy Knights of Selshion, led by Dia Vite.
  • The Universe Trading Union led by Tagel to rebel against the royal family.
  • The Republic led by Vivian, who is a feared commander fighting for dominion over the galaxy.


Below you can see the reveal trailer for Star Galaxy, full of visuals, sounds and Japanese text. Enjoy!

Source: Siliconera

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