Resident Evil 6 is getting its first post-launch DLC treatment in the form of three new multiplayer modes exclusive to the Xbox 360. The new modes are called Predator, Onslaught and Survivors, and they will be available for purchase starting December 18 for 320MS Points each, or 720MS Points as a bundle.

Alongside this new DLC, Capcom will be releasing a new patch for the game that adds a new difficulty level and will allow players to adjust the in-game camera and to play through Ada’s bonus campaign with a co-op partner. The patch will be released on December 17 for the Xbox 360 and the PS3.

Below are all the details about the new modes, including videos and screenshots.

  • Predator

    Available for two to six players, in Predator one player takes on the role of the Ustanak, the fearsome B.O.W. that stalks Jake Muller throughout his campaign, and tries to eliminate the human players. The humans’ task: stop the deadly B.O.W. in its tracks, or at least survive until the end of the session.

  • Onslaught

    Onslaught sees two players go head-to-head in an attempt to clear waves of oncoming enemies. Chaining combos provides the key to success in Onslaught as this will send enemies over to the opponent’s screen, the more that are sent over, the quicker the victory will be.

  • Survivors

    Survivors takes the classic solo and team-based versus mode and adds a twist. Get killed and respawn as an enemy character with the ability to attack the human characters. Take down one human character to resurrect in human form. Last man or team standing wins. Survivors can be played by two to six players.

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