According to a new report, Microsoft is planning to release two consoles in the next-generation cycle. The new consoles will be two different versions of the new Xbox, whatever they end up calling it.

The first version is the one everybody’s expecting, capable of running AAA titles and provide all your next-gen gaming needs. The other one is rumored to be a lighter, more affordable version for the casual crowd, and will work as a set-top box to support more casual downloadable titles.

The “Xbox Lite” will use a Windows 8-based OS and will not be able to run all the big Triple-A titles like its hardcore counterpart. Its main focus is providing media entertainment for the non-gamer demographic, like streaming movies, TV shows and music. Both versions will be an “always on” device, booting almost instantly to allow users to get back to their favorite media with little downtime.

Microsoft is expected to unveil its next-generation plans in the coming year, and maybe even release the “Next Box” (and all it’s available versions) before 2013 is out.

Source: IGN, The Verge

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