If you are playing Halo 4 online these days (and let’s face it, who isn’t?), you’ll be happy to known that by joining the Xbox Live Rewards service you can earn free MS points while playing Halo 4’s multiplayer.

Playing for 35 hours will earn you 100 MS Points; crossing the 70 hours mark nets you another 300 MS Points; and 140 full hours are worth 600 Points.

Spending MS Points on Halo content in the Marketplace will also reward you with MS Points. Spend 1500 MS Points and get 100 points back, or spend 3000 and get 200 back.

So if you are planning to play and/or spend a lot in Halo 4’s multiplayer between now and November 30, be sure to sign up for Xbox Live Rewards and rake in those free points.

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