Square Enix has announced a open beta of their new project, Gameglobe. What is it exactly? It is a free third person open world action-adventure that gives everyone of us to create its own levels and to play levels of other people and is all in console level HD.

In the video below Rune Vendler, the director of the game, will show us how to create levels and how simple it is to let your imagination run wild in the world of Gameworld.

You can play with your mouse and keyboard or you can just plug in your USB controller and play. With such a big world (and you choose how big) full of mountains and rivers or dune hills with weird and different creatures, almost all is possible in Gameglobe. If you want to create your own level in the game all you need to do is click here and let your head go wild. Square Enix reminds us and you that the game is still only in Beta phase and there might be some changesĀ  and updates in the game’s menu. Besides the short video we have also got some screenshots to show you. So here you go, all you need to do now is go and try it out.

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